Imaike Elementary School is a municipal school in Anjo City
AddressFQ-1-TQCImaike-choCAnjo cityCAichi prefecture
Phone numberFOTUU|XW|RORR
SchoolmasterFTakeo Shimizu

@@@@iPjThe schoolteachers help every schoolchild to achive to be sound in mind and body. @
@@@@iQjThe schoolteachers help every schoolchild to achive to be fertile in creative power.@
@All schoolchildren are to be cheerful , gentle and considerate
@@ to the feelings of other people.
@All schoolchildren are thoughtful and study positively.
@All schoolchildren do physical exercise willingly.
Imaike Elementary School is in the north of Anjo city and near ShinAnjo Station (It takes a few minutes to walk to the school).
The school was established at 1985.Now 431 schoolchildren study here.
The school has an area of 19,994 square meters.
There are a gym , a pool , two reinforced concrete school buildings , and playing field (9,239 square meters).
The school district is on the south of ShinAnjo station. There are lot of shopping , residential areas and factories near the school. The school district has been developing by degrees , because Meitetsu railrood line.,RouteP and a prefectural road run through this are. And they have helped industrial development of it.
Most of the schoolchildren live in the condominiums near the School. The other students live in the business zone or in the crowded residential zone near ShinAnjo Station.